UCCSC Committee 2014/2015

  • Name: Niamh “Neb” Connolly

    Position: Public Relations Officer & Crew

    Bio: Niamh is a 3rd year Occupational Therapy student and most importantly she's ...

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  • Name: Emma “Geary” Geary

    Position: Captain & Crew

    Bio: Emma was Captain of UCCSC for the year '13-'14 and she did such a good job ...

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  • Name: Cian “Ruckus” O’Regan

    Position: Technical Director & Helm

    Bio: Cian is our forever fresher, who loves team racing for UCCSC so much that h ...

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  • Name: Eimear “Fancy” O’Leary

    Position: Social Secretary & Crew

    Bio: Eimear is our social sec and ultimate cheerleader ...

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  • Name: Conor “The Slug” Lyden

    Position: Boat man & Helm

    Bio: Conor is known for his 'naturally' blonde summer hair. He is the current bo ...

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  • Name: ChloĆ« “Crumbser” Crosbie

    Position: Secretary & Crew

    Bio: Chloƫ loves wooly hats and black and white photographs. She hates when peo ...

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  • Name: Caroline “Sweet Caroline” Murnane

    Position: Treasurer & Crew

    Bio: Caroline is rumored to be the most efficient and organised woman to ever gr ...

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